Baskets by Beverly's divine adventure into creating beautiful gift baskets began in l989 with Bev's positive energy and a desire to explore the artistic side of gift baskets.

Beverly's first basket sale was to fellow realtor and good friend, Debbie Townsend, who encouraged and supported the adventure. Bev was off and running.

Bev's line includes baskets for home closings, thank you gifts, new baby baskets, corporate gifts, bereavement baskets, pampering, gardening, new pets and much more. Unique personalization touches like the hand made "Our New Home" ornament made by Beverly's sister, Linda, will be personalized with your clients name and new address and attached with ribbon to the front of the basket. These are the personal little touches that will stand out to your customers and friends who receive one of these charming baskets. Bev prides herself in the ability to find just the right items to complete each basket theme.
Each basket is infused with the most positive energy using the best products and most up to date ingredients on the
market today. Bev's fabulous hand made bows complete the personalization with rich textures and colors to compliment each theme.

Baskets by Beverly would not be possible without the love and support of her Dad, Mom, sisters and brother, son James and his darling friends, Diane, Shanta, Jill, loyal friends, neighbors and dedicated clients and new customers.

A world of thanks to all of you who have cherished me with your love, support, friendship, orders and encouragement over the past 15 years. Without you, this adventure would not be possible!!!

With Love,